Laigueglia: a jewel-village with breathtaking views of the sea

Laigueglia – ancient Ligurian seaside village - is set on the stretch of sea between Capo Santa Croce and Capo Mele, between Alassio and Andora.

The beach of fine sand and the shallow and sloping seabed in the clear sea together with the mild climate are the strengths of our beautiful seaside resort.

The old town consists of typical squares, carruggi, pastel houses, the Saracen tower of 1564 (the only one left of the original three), the monumental baroque church of San Matteo with its two bell towers, surmounted by domes in stained majolica.

From a staircase that goes up via Aurelia, you reach the chapel of Madonna delle Penne, built by catalan coral fishermen in seventeenth century.

Towards Colla Micheri, just overlooking the sea, are possible beautiful walks, Nordic walking and MTB excursions.

Laigueglia cuisine is characterized by fish dishes: friscioi de gianchetti (pancakes made with flour and fish), fried squids, stuffed sardines, fish soup from the Gulf of Capo Mele.

Among the desserts to enjoy: baci di Laigueglia (almonds, hazelnuts and chocolate cream), gobeletti (pastries and jam), sailor's bread, marunsin (hard biscuits based on almonds), papuétte é treie (almond-based cakes covered with glaze with the characteristic shape of ducks and mullet, balette de S. Maté (sweet pancakes based on flour and raisins).

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